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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy


  • iPhone & iPad
  • Windows
  • Open In not working on iOS 13 in SmartGo Kifu

    SmartGo Kifu lets you open SGF files from other apps, e.g. attachments in Mail, or files in Dropbox. This `Open In` functionality is not working reliably in iOS 13. (The behavior may depend on the installation sequence of apps; deleting another app that supports opening SGF may cause it to work for SmartGo Kifu.) SmartGo Kifu 4.7.4 tries to work around this issue; please let me know if it's still not working for you.

  • SmartGo Pro not working on iOS 11

    SmartGo Pro has been off the App Store for 3 years, and will not work on iOS 11. If you’re still using SmartGo Pro, not Kifu, please make sure you transfer all your games out of the app before upgrading to iOS 11. (My Games > Edit (top right) > Select All (top left) > Email.)

  • How do I transfer all My Games to another device?

    In My Games, tap on Edit (top right), Select All (top left), then Email (bottom), and send a single SGF file containing all your games to yourself. Then on your new device, open that email. In iOS 10, tap on the attachment, Import in SmartGo Kifu; in iOS 9, long press on the attachment, Open In > SmartGo Kifu.

  • How can I edit a move?

    Press and hold on the most recent move, then drag it. To go to a previously played move, press and hold on that stone, then choose 'Go to Move'.

  • You’re charging $20 for a game? That’s unheard of.

    SmartGo Kifu is not a game — it’s productivity software for Go players. While the price is comparable to a single Go book, its value is incomparably greater.

  • How can I delete a game?

    Simply swipe across the game in the games list, then press the Delete button.

  • How do I record a game between two players?

    The computer will play if the player is named SmartGo. To record a game between two players, enter the names of the two players.

  • SmartGo on other mobile devices?

    We have no concrete plans to port SmartGo to other devices like Android or Windows Phone. There is still much to add and improve in the iPad and iPhone versions.

  • How can I play on IGS?

    SmartGo Kifu does not include that feature. However, a free app called Pandanet by Kris Van Bael allows you to play on IGS.

  • Why did SmartGo play a bad move?

    Bad moves can happen due to a number of reasons. SmartGo likes to win, and it may play desperate moves to try to get back into the game, or conservative moves when it’s ahead. The lack of processing power on the iPhone is also a challenge. We expect to improve playing strength over time.

  • Is SmartGo for Windows still actively developed?

    No, sorry. My current focus is on SmartGo for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as the Go Books project. Please evaluate SmartGo for Windows with that in mind, and if it works as-is for your purposes, that’s great.

  • How do I get the newest game collection?

    If you’re running the newest version but not seeing the newest GoGoD game collection: (1) Tap on the Library tab. (2) Choose File > Close (this may take several minutes). (3) Choose File > Open, and open ‘smartgo.sgd’ from the folder where you installed the newest version of SmartGo. (This will also take several minutes.)

  • Why do I need to activate the software after 15 days?

    We give you a 15-day trial period so you can try out all the features of the software. Once you decide that your Go needs SmartGo, you purchase the serial number to activate SmartGo.

  • Can I install SmartGo on multiple machines?

    Yes, you can install SmartGo on all your computers: desktop, laptop, and office. You need to activate SmartGo separately on each computer.

  • Where are the games and problems stored?

    The professional game collection is stored in a file called SmartGo.sgd, the problem collection in SmartGo.prb. Both files are installed in the same folder as SmartGo.exe. You can choose View > Panes > Files to see the list of files in the Library or Problems tab. Right-click on the header of the file list to add a column to see the File Path.