SmartGo One

SmartGo One is your complete app for the game of Go. Learn to play, practice against the computer, study master games, solve problems, and read Go books. For iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Free download.

Free Features

SmartGo One gives you a lot for free: all the game recording and file functions in My Files, over 100 pro games to replay, over 200 problems to solve, sample chapters of 150 books, and playing against the computer up to 13x13. It gives you everything you need to learn and enjoy go. However, when you upgrade to Pro, you get so much more.

Pro Features

Upgrade to Pro to enjoy everything SmartGo One has to offer.

  • GoGoD database: More than 120,000 pro games at your fingertips.
  • Names dictionary: More than 4,500 mini-biographies of go players.
  • 19x19 computer play: Play against the computer and analyze positions on a full-size board.
  • Stronger analysis: Access stronger KataGo networks for better computer play.
  • Pattern matching: For a given board position (corner, side, or whole board), search instantly through all the games in the pro collection to figure out where the pros played. Explore how those games continued.
  • Guess moves, train joseki: Guess pro moves in games as well as joseki.