SmartGo One

Learn, play, study Go

SmartGo One is your complete app for the game of Go. Learn to play, practice against the computer, study master games, solve problems, and read Go books. 免費下載。

Play, Learn, Go

SmartGo One is a Go board that’s always with you, complete with thousands of Go problems and over 115,000 professional game records. It’s the perfect tool to study and enjoy Go – anywhere, anytime.

(iPhone and iPad versions available now, Mac version in the works.)

SmartGo One on any Apple device

Pro Game Library

SmartGo One includes the full GoGoD collection of over 115,000 game records, from classic games to modern tournaments. Search by player or year to find the games you’re interested in. Read biographies of many of the players (English only).


解答死活題是最有效的提高方法。Start with the 200 included problems, then add problem packs to keep you challenged, from 30 kyu (beginner) to 6 dan (strong amateur).SmartGo 將提出問題並跟踪您的進度。


享受 150 多本關於圍棋遊戲的高質量互動書籍。直接在圖表中重播影片和儲存問題。享有比紙本書籍更好的閱讀經驗,卻只需一半費用。


當開始一個托角或全局的棋形,SmartGo 讓您觀看專業棋手如何下子,以頻率來排序。這套軟體以此從所有棋譜找出相似的棋形。探索相似的棋形來了解特定棋局或定石開始後通常會怎麼下。

Joseki Matching Screenshot
Tree view screenshot


SmartGo 裡的樹狀檢視讓瀏覽變得更簡便。將一般的黑-白-黑-白子手順以圖像方式顯示,並強調其他區域的下子和註記,樹狀檢視揭示加註記的棋局結構。

Play vs. Computer

Based on the powerful KataGo engine, SmartGo One will challenge you mercilessly.與電腦對弈、取消下子、獲得提示,讓電腦評估哪一方擁有較多子。重下一局並探所不同的下棋方式。

Record and Edit Games


Manage Your Collection

Organize your games in iCloud Drive and sync across devices.Use folders, or group games into collections.Open and edit zipped collections of SGF files directly.

SmartGo (Windows)

SmartGo for Windows帶有 108000 多局職業圍棋對局數據庫, 是圍棋愛好者最完善的工具。與其他圍棋程序相比, SmartGo功能更強大使用更方便,是對局,記譜,打譜, 分析,解説和打印棋譜的最佳工具。如果你使用SGF編輯棋譜,你會喜歡SmartGo。